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Dog Bites News Anchor Kyle Dyer Face Live On Air

A veteran American television presenter, Kyle Dyer, was rushed to hospital after a dog attacked her live on television.

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The host, who has worked at KUSA-TV in Denver, Colorado for the past 15 years, was attacked by Max, an 85 pound Argentine mastiff earlier this week.

The three year-old dog and its owner, Michael Robinson, had appeared on her station's popular news show on Wednesday to discuss the pet's rescue from a local frozen pond.

The appearance was intended to reunite the dog, which has a full name Warrior Maximus, with its rescuer, Tyler Sugaski, a local firefighter after it chased a coyote into the ice the previous week.

As the popular host told the dog he was "gorgeous" and "Happy Valentine's Day", it attacked her without warning, sinking her teeth into her face and biting her lip as she leant forward to kiss it.

Footage of the horrifying incident, which has been reported around the world, then showed the host falling backwards and appearing stunned at the attack.

Cameras then cut to a clearly shocked co-host Gary Shapiro, who after a long pause, then went on to introduce a weather story.

The married mother, whose station is an affiliate of the NBC Network, suffered what doctors described as a "pretty major bite" but remained in "good spirits".

The 9News anchor was rushed to Denver Health Medical Centre where she underwent reconstructive surgery.

She was released on Thursday and placed on long-term sick leave but is expected to make a full recovery.

While she has not commented publicly, she has told family and colleagues that she is concerned about the viewers' reaction. She can only communicate through her iPad, which she used to type out messages.

Fans, however, were divided about the incident, with some blaming the host while others suggested Mr Robinson should have controlled it better.

In a note posted on the show's Facebook page, Mr Shapiro said: "I know that she is a great journalist who loves happy stories -- this was a happy story.

"Kyle was glad she got assigned to it, because she loves animals. But Max snapped for whatever reason and got her lip."

Patti Dennis, the station's vice president said she was "doing well and will make a recovery". "We're all thinking about her and her family," he said.

"Kyle ... is the biggest dog lover and even yesterday we were talking about how, as dog lovers, we think every dog belongs to us.

"Kyle will be back in a period of weeks, probably several but she will be back."

Max was taken away by animal control officers and impounded but not destroyed.

Aerial footage of the ice incident, aired by the station late on Thursday, shows the dog in some distress, perhaps explaining why the animal attacked the host.

Mr Robinson was fined for not having the dog on a leash and not having an up-to-date rabies vaccination.

He said: "Max is current in his vaccinations. Max has no history of aggression. Max is a gentle, loving, family dog, This incident truly is unfortunate and does not reflect Max's disposition towards people."

"Our family and friends pray for a quick recovery and look forward to seeing Ms Dyer back on-air soon."

The dogs were bred in Argentina to hunt big game, including wild boar and puma.

Officials have not said whether the owner will face charges. It is not thought the animal will be destroyed

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