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9 Jerky Things Cats Do (Because Cat Life)

9 Jerky Things Cats Do that every cat owner knows about. #4 is spot on!

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Anyone who owns one (or more) of these furry little cuties knows it's not always fluff and adorable moments. Having a cat is like being in a relationship with someone who wants all of your attention, but from a distance (huh?).

But let's face it, we love our feisty little companions—even when they do jerky things. Here are 9 jerky things cats do because, well, it's just what cats do.

1.They Sit on Your Keyboard Out of Boardom

Cat: "Hey! Love me."

Me: "Not Now. I'm Busy"

Cat: "Oh, are you now?"

Cat: "Let me just… [lies on keyboard]"


It never fails.

Every time you've got some serious typing work to do, your kitty baby decides it's time to hang out and have some serious bonding time—and the choice isn't really up to you.

2. They Knock Your Things Over When You're Not Looking

Actually, they'll do it even if you are. They really don't care if you're watching or not. At this point, I'm pretty convinced they'd prefer you to watch.

3. They Pee on Your Things When They're Anxious (Or If They're Pissed That Their Litter Box is Full)

Kitty peeing all over your carpets and furniture? Well, it could be one of two things:

1. Your kitty cat is anxious

2. Your cat is absolutely appalled that you haven't cleaned their litter box (so they're just going to pee on your things to teach you a valuable lesson)

The real question here is, how to figure out which one it is?

Your guess is as good as mine. (Happy cleaning!)

4. They Demand Your Attention and Then Hate You for Giving It

Being the attention demanding creatures that they are, cats always encourage you to pet them.

They'll rub their faces against your hands and brush their bodies against your legs insisting you pet them…and when you finally do, you get the death stare and some claw marks to remind you of the poor choices you've made.

5. They Scratch Your Furniture to Show You They Love You

Don't worry. Fluffy isn't clawing at your couch because she's angry with you. No. She's trying to show you how much she loves you.

Apparently, when cats claw your things, it's because they absolutely adore you and they're marking your things with their scent as a way to create a sort of bond with you.

Thanks, I guess?

6. They Bring You Dead Creatures Because They Want to Teach You How to Cat

We don't adopt our cats—our cats adopt us. At least, that's how they see it.

Because they feel they are the ones raising YOU, they find it necessary to teach you how to hunt.

So, they bring you dead things (insects, bugs, rodents and all sorts of little creatures) so they can use these dead things to teach you how to properly hunt like a cat.

7. They Steal Your Spot on the Couch and Reclaim It as Theirs

Sure, Steven will snuggle himself right next to you while you're Netflixing it up—but once you get up for a quick potty break, Steven might suggest you find a new spot when you get back.

8. They Really Like Playing…When You're Trying to Sleep

Oh, there's just nothing like the sound of gremlin-like feet scattering all around your house floors at 3 a.m.

9. They're Irresistibly Adorable So You Love Them Anyway

Okay, so it's not really something cats do—they just are.

Despite being hot and cold little balls of fluff, they're still stupidly adorable and we can't help but love them.


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