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Iconic TV New York Apartments Of All Time

'You see as Manhattan? We have it all!' Samantha Jones, 'Sex and the City'

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1. Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani - 'Friends'

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The classic bachelor pad is depicted in the ten year TV series of Friends created by David Crane and Marta Kauffmann. Its trademark include the foosball table and the etch a sketch in which the drawings change almost every episode except for that one time it tested Chandler and Joey's friendship when Chandler left a note for Joey using the etch a sketch for Joey's 'Mac n Cheese' audition.

2. Samantha Jones - 'Sex and the City'

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This chic studio NYC apartment is located in Meatpacking District. It became Samantha's home towards the end of the series two when her neighbours frowned upon her due to a break-in the building caused by one of her evening visitors. The spacious beautiful studio is difficult to find unless you are willing to pay the city's most skilled interior designer to make your studio be habitable enough to host your three other chic friends. Studios are often cost effective in heating during autumn-winter and air-conditioning during spring-summer. Often the problem is the space and claustrophobia inducing however Samantha's apartment is well-appointed and not hoarded with unnecessary things unlike her friend Carrie.

3. Miranda Hobbes - 'Sex and the City'

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Miranda's apartment is the image of success and independence depicting work hard, play hard but rest well - vital lifestyle of a true success in the Big Apple. Accordingly, Miranda Hobbes, esq. is the first member of the cast who has bought her own Manhattan apartment early in the series. She can afford it, after all she did not graduate from Harvard Law School to settle anything less than this. Unlike Charlotte who received her beautiful luxurious pagoda on a divorce settlement and Carrie who instead of paying mortgage pays for shoes - this shows the long hours you work do pay off.

4. Van Der Woodsen - 'Gossip Girls'

The CW and Buzzfeed / Via

Admit it, we sometimes live to work in order to be able to acquire this prime located luxury Manhattan home. The van der Woodsen apartment is the ultimate symbol of what it is to live with trust funds in NYC. Definitely, one must top up this dream with a beach house in the Hamptons for the weekend retreats.

5. Richard Wright - 'Sex and the City'

I am not a stalker / Via

Initially, viewers think that Mr Big is the big deal not until series four when Samantha enters into a 'monogamous' relationship with hotel magnate Richard Wright. This is his bedroom in which it is assumed his bedroom is as big as Mr Big's entire apartment. Breakfast in bed? Not a problem! Loft in the bedroom? Yes, please! The stairs in his bedroom is intriguing - where does it lead to? Regardless of the surprise and intrigue, Richard Wright should have received the nickname 'Mr Bigger' - the hotter shot and the bigger deal.

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