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How Not To Celebrate Valentines Day

Because you love yourself and there's a whole world going on

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1. Chinese New Year

wushushaolin / Via

The first week of February culminates the Chinese New Year that begins on the twenty eighth of January ending on the second of February. For many this is the season of shopping, so why not spoil yourself to have a good excuse to not celebrate Valentines. Try not to miss the dragon dance while rummaging through the shops.

2. London Fashion Week

IB Times / Via

Now that you've done your shopping, preserve your energy for the London Fashion Week from 17 February to 21 February. Isn't this more worth it? Oh, and a friendly reminder: Burberry practices 'See Now, Buy Now' which means anything you see on the catwalk can be readily bought on retail. This trend started in Autumn 2016, the company's way to innovating the fashion industry.

3. The Jewish Museum's Annual Purim Ball

The Jewish Museum / Via

And then, head to JFK airport the following day with your latest ball gown for The Jewish Museum's Annual Purim Ball a celebration for the Jewish Festival of Purim which fancy and grand thus the black tie attire. Why have chocolate pralines, where you can have mishloach manot (a basket of sweet treats)?

4. Museum Exhibitions

Vanda Production / Via

Meanwhile back in London, this month is your last chance to visit the following exhibitions at Victoria and Albert Museum: Bernard Buffet, Glastonbury: Land and Legend (especially to those lucky people who cannot attend the actual Glastonbury), and Records and Rebels 1966-70.

5. Bronx Museum of the Arts Gala 2017

Arquitectonica / Via

If you're ever interested to attend another event with an actual cause such as cultural and heritage preservation and museum fundraising rather than indulge in chocolate pralines and bubbly, then attend the Bronx Museum Spring Gala and Auction on the twenty eighth of February.

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