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    • Angie11B

      Thanks for this! Im so tired of those outfits be made only for the male heterossexual public supposed taste; those super women just hiper sexy, plain, all the same,and ridiculous for a battle! I think a lot of the new redesigned could be improved and be more diversified… The long and free mandatory hair in those women are a really boring and bad in a fight, but it could be some heroines with then, or with braids, pony tales. Some asian (historican) fighters and armies had long hair in braids. And some of then could be more sexy, it´s not the problem for me be sexy, the problem is ALL be sexy, all with big boobs and same skiny shape of body… this stupid generalization is cruel and also affects the people´s perception to the real world.
      Cosplays can be made with more freedom and less sexism.
      I am Game of Thrones fan for all the complex and diverse female personalities too on the books and the show.
      And please, those with some biased comments about how a lesbian woman look, just be ashame and stop the ignorance.

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