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11 Packing Tips You Need To Know For Your Next Vacation

Irrespective of where you are traveling, packing your bag can be one of the most daunting tasks that you would have to undertake. There is more to packing than just stuffing your bare necessities and storing your passport safely. A lot depends on the place that you are visiting and the time of the year that you have selected for traveling. Here are some packing tips that you should be aware of when planning your next vacation To Italy

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Wraps or Cardigans

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Even if it summer, you should definitely consider getting your own wraps and cardigans as some of the churches, such as St. Peters Basilica, have a strict dress code where women are not allowed to enter in sleeveless tops or short skirts (even if is the hottest day of the year). This could be very helpful tip for you if you are planning your next Italy vacation in Summer

Student ID/E.U. ID Card

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If you are an EU citizen, then you get entitled for discounts in some places but this is not a mandatory requirement everywhere. Places like the Vatican museum can give you a discount if you show your student ID or your EU ID to them. These discounts save the day as some of these places can be really expensive.



This is minuscule tool that can come in handy when you are searching for lost items in dark places in your hotel room. These are also great for checking out maps at night or where there is less visibility. A flashlight is a useful tool in many conditions so you should bring it along.

Digital Media Device

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Journeys take time so they tend to become boring if you do not have something to entertain yourselves with. There is a limit to how much a person may enjoy the scenic beauty outdoors. Bring along your iPods, laptops or tablets and make sure you load them with your favorite audio tracks, movies or even eBooks. This should help you pass the time during transit.


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You’ll be doing a lot of walking in Italy. Especially if that’s not something you’re used to, make sure you have the right footwear! You need to have the right gear so that your feet don’t get tired of walking because Italy offers various travel options such as Sorrento Tours and Amalfi Tours where you would have to traverse a good portion of your trip on foot.

Extra Backpack

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It is obvious that when you are heading out for a vacation, you would be indulging yourself in shopping for souvenirs and memorabilia. An extra backpack would be really helpful in this case.

Plug Adapter

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This is one of the most common requirements that would save you a lot of hassles. Plug ports are different in various regions, so if you are a tourist (especially from a non EU region), then you should bring an adapter so that your devices may be plugged into a power source here.


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You won’t be spending your entire life holidaying so it is a must to bring along a camera or a camcorder so that you may capture those special moments and preserve them for viewing later. Just think about the multitude of scenic places that you could visit.

List of Emergency Numbers, Contacts, Etc

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The country that you are visiting may be unfamiliar to you. So you need to keep a list of emergency contact numbers, rendezvous points and a translation guide so that you may follow the directions in case you find yourself stuck.

Credit Card

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This is an absolute must when you plan on visiting any country. There is a limitation on the amount of cash that you may carry and your funds are also not easily accessible in a foreign state. So you need to keep your credit card handy so that you may use it wherever possible. This will also help you to manage your cash in a better manner.

First Aid

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This is an absolute must whenever you go out on a holiday. You should always keep medicines and first aid handy for minor health issues and injuries. If you have specific medication that have been prescribed to you, then you need to bring that along as you may not get it in the country that you plan on visiting.

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