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    Impress Fellow 90s Kids With This Fresh Prince Basketball Jersey

    Because you didn't make the team at your own elite prep school.

    Remember when Will joined a Bel-Air Academy basketball team consisting of Carlton and several skinny white dudes with bad haircuts and was instantly the best player on the team?

    And remember how it was low-key racist that Will played like a showboating Harlem Globetrotter and scored all the points?

    Well, just forget that part and focus on how dope the jerseys were, and get stoked that now you can buy one from this probably-not-officially-licensed web shop for only $39.99.

    Yes, jerseys should be worn sparingly — when you're actually hooping, when you're actually at a basketball game, or when you're balling out ridiculous in the clurb — but the rarer the jersey, the more wearable it is in public.

    Wearing a Knicks jersey from 2010? Not nearly as cool as a jersey from a fictional 1990s television show.

    The struggle arrises when you and your best friend both want to cop the jersey and have to fight over who has to be Carlton and who gets to be The Fresh Prince.