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15 BuzzFeed Quizzes To Take If You Literally Have Nothing Better To Do

Go ahead, waste some time with these.

1. Did You Ruin Everything?

2. Wait, Is This Quiz Fucked Up?

3. Would You Be A Better Date Than My New Man?

4. How Brave Are You, Actually?

5. The Ultimate Fuck/Marry/Kill Quiz

6. Is It Time To Pee?

7. Who Hurt You?

8. How Likely Is It You’re Going To Hell?

9. Are You Good Enough For My Son?

10. Which Victorian Ghost Is Haunting Your House?

11. What Kind Of Garbage Are You?

12. What Is Your Bon Iver Name?

13. How Would You Die On "Murder, She Wrote"?

14. Which Melancholy Vegetable Matches Your Personality?

15. Is Your Boyfriend Great Or Just A Raccoon?