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Supreme Is Tight But Maybe Not These Hoodies With Hentai On Them

Bruh, sometimes too much is too much.

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Supreme is the legendary streetwear brand known for their exclusive releases that clothes nerds camp out and wait in ridiculous lines to acquire.

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For its latest drop Supreme collaborated with famed erotic manga artist Toshio Maeda on a series of tees, hoodies, jackets and a pillow. / Via

The collection isn't out until Friday, November 27th, but you can expect the hoodies to run around $200, and who knows what ridiculous price tag they'll put on this pillow.


The clothes feature Maeda's drawings of girls touching their boobs and a dude fingerblasting a girl, among other things.

Wearing Supreme says a lot about you: you are aware of a particular niche of exclusive fashion, and you have the money to acquire it.

(Generally things that will help you get laid.)

Here's a word advice: Just don't.

Unless you want to ensure you never touch an actual vagina ever again.