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    20 Hilarious Tweet's About Last Night's "Insecure" Finale

    Hella facepalm.

    1. The season finale of HBO's Insecure was last night, and no, the characters did not finally get their shit together.

    Me after seeing all the bad decisions each character makes. #InsecureHBO

    2. People had a lot of feelings.

    Everyone's problematic. I can't be team anyone because everyone's trash. Who am I supposed to cheer for?…

    3. Because Kelli is literally the only one not ruining her own life.

    What would #InsecureHBO be if everyone, except Kelli, weren't making trash ass decisions? Lmao

    4. Molly's decision making is just 😔.

    Damn, Molly. Your therapist said to turn the should into could. She didn't say hop on the wood. #InsecureHBO

    5. Like, is she even listening to her therapist or???

    Molly's therapist at the start of #InsecureHBO season 3:

    6. Because all of US can see right through Dro's facade.

    Is Dro really in an open marriage? #InsecureHBO

    7. We thought you were smarter than this!

    When you thought Molly was going to make better decisions and stop self-sabotaging but she doesn't. #InsecureHBO

    8. Elsewhere, everyone made the same joke about Lawrence's sweater.

    9. Because, well:

    10. But what we obviously cared about most was him and Issa.

    Issa lost her man, her car and her crib all because she wanted some outside dick. Bless up #InsecureHBO

    11. It was a whirlwind.

    Me after the last 15 mins of the #InsecureHBO finale

    12. Like, too much.

    #InsecureHBO #Insecure When Issa & Lawrence said I love you to each other

    13. They almost tricked us.

    Me when Lawrence got down on one knee. #InsecureHBO

    14. But we knew how it was going to end up.

    Issa is nasty just like the rest of us, tbch. She fronted like she didn't like that facial, but where is she right…

    15. On the bright side, people really want Due North to happen.

    Real Talk: I legit want to watch DUE NORTH. Make that happen, Black Jesus. #InsecureHBO

    16. This honestly makes sense.

    Due North is a Tyler Perry original series for OWN #InsecureHBO

    17. So in the end:

    Sooooo basically nobody learned from their mistakes #InsecureHBO

    18. Remember, this is not aspirational television, folks!

    through two seasons, my insecure recap: if insecure is your therapy, i think @issarae is trying to tell you to actually go to therapy.

    19. BUT, whatever happens, we're gonna miss those neighbors at The Dunes.

    Raindrops, droptop. Bauliflower soup in the brockpot. #InsecureHBO

    20. And we're gonna be stressed until we get season 3 (Tiffany's baby???)

    Waiting for season 3 of insecure @IssaRae #InsecureHBO

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