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    13 TV Stars From The '90s You Probably Had A Crush On

    Don't change the channel.

    1. Tiffani Amber Thiessen, the ultimate bae in Saved by the Bell.

    NBC Productions

    2. Christina Applegate, hair-metal bae in Married With Children.

    20th Century Fox Television

    3. Nia Long, no-bullshit bae in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    NBC Productions

    4. And Tyra Banks, college basketball bae in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    NBC Productions

    5. Jennifer Aniston, supreme bae of the '90s, in Friends.

    Warner Bros. Television

    6. Lori Loughlin, your friend's hot mom–type bae in Full House.

    Jeff Franklin Productions,

    7. The rich and out-of-your-league baes of Beverly Hills, 90210.

    90210 Productions

    8. Brandy Norwood, UPN bae in Moesha.

    Big Ticket Television

    9. Jennifer Love Hewitt, sad orphan bae in Party of Five.

    Columbia Pictures Television
    Columbia Pictures Television

    10. Lucy Liu, lay-down-the-law bae in Ally McBeal.

    20th Century Fox Television

    11. Pamela Anderson, the original bae-watch, in Baywatch.

    GTG Entertainment

    LOL this is what TV was like in the '90s.

    GTG Entertainment

    12. Teri Hatcher "real and spectacular" bae in Seinfeld.


    13. J.Lo and the Fly Girls, rhythm 'n' baes in In Living Color.

    Ivory Way Productions

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