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    13 Things That Are Way Easier Now That You're An Adult

    "I wish I could play little league now. I'd be way better than before." - Mitch Hedberg

    1. Tee Ball

    I bet I could hit it over the fence, like, most of the time.

    2. Going to the bathroom.

    Turns out it's not that hard (when you're sober).

    3. Grabbing something from a high shelf.

    James Quigley / Getty Images

    Nice try putting the cookie jar on top of the fridge, mom, but I'm almost six feet tall now.

    4. Math homework.

    As an adult I know the best way to handle this is just to say, "Nah, I'd rather not."

    5. Spelling bee.

    Universal Pictures

    You can't trick me with that silent "C," Mrs. Johnson.

    6. Tying shoes.

    Pojoslaw / Getty Images

    Shit doesn't even faze me anymore, bro!

    7. Dressing yourself.

    Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz / Getty Images

    The zipper goes in the front. I've learned that much, at least.

    8. Telling the truth when you did you something wrong.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    That's right, mom, I did eat all of the cake that you said not to touch, and there's nothing you can do about it. Because I'm 30.

    9. Recess.

    Disney Television Animation

    I am literally never leaving the king's square in foursquare so don't even try me with your bullshit.

    10. Talking to a crush.

    Creatas Images / Getty Images

    I would've had so much game if there were emojis when I was young, though.

    11. Getting McDonalds.

    Tonybaggett / Getty Images

    I don't need to ask anyone. I can spend my own $7.69.

    12. Driving

    Peter M. Fisher / Getty Images

    Then: begging your older sibling to drive you somewhere. Now: screaming obscenities at assholes driving in front of you.

    13. Not doing shit.

    Ocusfocus / Getty Images

    As a kid, you get bored or yelled at for not doing shit. As an adult, not doing shit is the greatest luxury you can have.

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