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    Posted on May 9, 2017

    Taylor Swift's "Our Song" Video Is So 2006 It Hurts

    The slamma screen doors.

    If you're reading this you probably already know "Our Song" fuckin' knocks.

    That opening riff is so good.

    But like, remember when Taylor looked like this? The layered tank tops, the shorts, the novelty phone...

    ...the aggressive, gold eye shadow...

    ...the poofy prom dress...

    ...the clear lip gloss...

    ...the referring to God as "he"??

    So not 2017!

    LOL okay but seriously am I the only one who forgot she had this much 'tude back in '06?

    Honestly take me back to a time when sparkly guitars were cool...

    And she still had a bit of country accent when she sang. Vintage!

    ...and this hair seemed normal.

    Look at this sass.

    Walk on, haters.

    It's giving me intense high school flashbacks, and that's kinda...great?

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