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The One Question About "iCarly" That's Been Bothering Me For 10 Years

It's not about spaghetti tacos.

You remember iCarly, the brilliantly wacky Nickelodeon show about a group of teens who host a popular web series from their insane Seattle apartment.

You know Spencer. The wacky older brother.

He's an artist.

He is, generally, hilarious.

But there's one thing that always bothered me:

It's not that he can't keep a stable girlfriend.

It's not that he lives the artist's lifestyle.

Ding, ding, ding!

It's that he, an adult man, is always hanging out with a group young teens.


Sometimes it's straight-up creepy.

Why is he always talking to them about underwear?

Why is he giving Freddie a noogie?

Why is Gibby his best friend?

Seriously, this relationship is not okay!

Because, though his exact age is unknown, he is believed to be between 26 and 31* years old.

According to the iCarly wiki.

It's not like there are no adults for Spencer to hang out with. He could hang out with Lewbert...

...or Freddie's mom...

...or T-Bo!

He supposedly has an adult friend named Socko, but we never see him!

But no, Spencer would rather show his little sister creepy videos.

Who is the adult in this family?

I could go on, but honestly this whole situation is so suspect, I'm not sure if there's a satisfying explanation.

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