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18 Times Netflix Totally Won 2016

And they show no signs of chilling in 2017.

1. When Strangers Things had literally everyone on the edge of the couch for eight incredible episodes...


2. ...and turned these four kids into stars overnight.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

3. Not to mention this show gave us the Winona revival...


4. ...and freakin' Barb!



5. When it gave us Luke Cage, the superhero 2016 desperately needed.


6. Which, in turn, blessed us with THE hottest sex scene of the year.

Netflix / Via

7. When it gave Gilmore Girls fans the reunion they'd been dreaming of for years.


And, uh, people had a lot of feelings about it.

8. When The Get Down showed us the over-the-top origins of hip-hop.


9. When Fuller House delivered more cheesy-good nostalgia than we could handle.


The gang was all back...except for the Olsen twins.

10. When Black Mirror gave us a refreshingly authentic romance between queer women.

The episode "San Junipero" was a breath of fresh air for the television landscape, and queer women were here for it.

11. When it told Amanda Knox's side of the story.


We'd been waiting years for this.

12. When Lady Dynamite showed us one of the most hilariously realistic depictions of mental illness in the history of television.


Seriously, if you haven't watched Maria Bamford's show, do so ASAP.

13. When it delivered the most emotionally devastating season of Orange Is the New Black yet.


Oof, it was a heavy one.

14. When The Crown showed us that fuckboys are nothing new.


15. When it brought Lovesick (formerly called Scrotal Recall!!!) to a global audience.

Neil Davidson

And showed us just how messy it would be to dig through your own complete sexual history.

16. When Narcos Season 2 took us even deeper into the world of Pablo Escobar.


17. When it gave Chelsea Handler the talk show she deserves.


18. And when it FINALLY let us download shows and movies.

Sure, it doesn't work for everything on Netflix just yet, but it's an important step.