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    16 Reasons Men Should Never See A Therapist

    We got this.


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    1. We're great at handling our emotions.

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    2. We always remain calm under pressure.

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    3. Conflict resolution is our strong point.

    4. We're great at expressing dissatisfaction in a calm and collected manner.


    5. We don't sweat the small stuff.

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    6. We talk freely about our problems, rather than holding them inside until they explode as violent rage.


    7. We're never stressed out.


    8. We don't get depressed.

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    9. We're fucking stoic.

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    10. We don't cry.


    11. We don't get lonely.


    12. We certainly don't need medication.

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    13. Because if we have a problem, we can fix it ourselves.


    14. And we have mature, open-minded, supportive man-friends to discuss things with.


    15. So why would we need to talk to a therapist????

    16. I mean, it's not like therapy can be key to developing positive strategies for a well and balanced life.


    But for real though:

    If you need help, don't wait. More men are in therapy than you think. Probably some of your friends, even if they've never mentioned it.

    Don't know where to start? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Starting Therapy.

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