29 Reasons Adult Cats Are Actually Better Than Kittens

    Somebody had to say it.

    1. Kittens get all the hype.

    2. Even though they're generally assholes.

    3. And they rarely help your productivity.

    4. But if we're really being honest, adult cats deserve more love.

    5. Because there is literally more cat to love.

    6. Accidentally stepping on a grown cat is not as bad as accidentally stepping on a kitten.

    7. And they know where their poop should go.

    8. Some of them even know how to use the toilet.

    A kitten would probably just fall in.

    9. Adult cats know how to chill, and let you chill too.

    10. They'll even sit still long enough for you to take their picture.

    11. If you leave on a weekend binge, an adult cat will manage for itself.

    12. See, adult cats have learned a few things.

    13. Some can even hold down a steady job.

    14. Kittens can't handle their liquor.

    15. While adult cats appreciate a fine drink.

    16. A grown cat would never get into this situation.

    17. Mature cats have a developed sense of style.

    18. And they make better fashion accessories.

    19. They are problem solvers.

    20. And they can help you out of a jam.

    21. They understand the value of a healthy diet.

    22. But bigger cats make for bigger cakes.

    23. Older cats appreciate life's simple pleasures.

    24. Their main concern is relaxing.

    25. But they'll keep you on your toes.


    26. And if a kitten gets out of line, an adult cat can always lay the smack down.

    27. Yes, everybody falls for kittens sometimes.

    28. But cats will spend most of their lives NOT being kittens.

    29. And they deserve all the attention they can get.