These Are The Magazines You Should Be Reading In 2016

    Class up your coffee table.

    1. Apartamento

    The best and most-refreshingly-unpretentious interior design and architecture magazine in the world.

    2. Victory Journal

    A beautiful, large-format pub based around the nebulous but no less compelling sentiment of victory.

    3. Lui

    The sexy French mag that gave us a topless Rihanna. Bless.

    4. Put A Egg On It

    A zine-y, green-tinted food and literature journal from New York City.

    5. Human Being Journal

    A print iteration from the trendsetters at Need Supply Co.

    6. Bad Day

    One of the best art mags around in a perfectly pocketable size.

    7. The New Inquiry

    Smart, thoughtful and subversive essays and reportage. And their web content is just as good as the print edition.

    8. Little White Lies

    The coolest movie business mag just happens to be based in the UK.

    9. Dank

    A beautifully rad skate mag out of Norway.

    10. Printed Pages

    The clean-without-being-stuffy print edition from the tastemakers at It's Nice That.

    11. Wonderland.

    The UK's hippest pop-culture magazine.

    12. Noble Rot

    An unpretentious gastro mag with killer design and illustration.

    13. The Green Soccer Journal

    A serious and seriously beautiful soccer mag. Plus, like, hot soccer dudes.

    14. Inventory

    Unequivocally the best men's style magazine in the world.

    15. hello mr.

    A smart and simple magazine that "reflects the everyday experiences of our misters and their companions, in a neatly-curated museum carefully built to exhibit a universal story of gay men today."

    16. Fantastic Man

    Ten years strong, Fantastic Man remains one the cleanest and most focused men's mags in the world.

    17. The Gentlewoman

    The Gentlewoman was created by the same team behind Fantastic Man and has arguably outmatched its predecessor in style.

    18. Oyster

    Kind of like if Nylon was still good.

    19. Hotshoe

    The place to find the best emerging photographers.

    20. Anorak

    "The Happy Mag For Kids," Anorak brings smart design and illustration to readers 6 and up.

    21. Obscura

    A minimal design mag out of China.

    22. treats!

    Because someone has to take up the mantle of high-polish n00dz now that Playboy has gone soft.

    23. Protein

    Like a smarter, smaller Fast Co.

    24. 032c

    The best of the modern crop of artsy fashion mags.

    25. Bloomberg Businessweek

    The economic digest with a surprising and hypermodern design spirit.

    26. Lucky Peach

    Basically the best food magazine publishing today.

    27. LOVE

    A dreamy, highly stylized fashion and culture mag from the UK.

    28. Fucking Young

    A high-style take on men's fashion.

    29. Paper

    No longer "under-the-radar cool." Still legitimately cool.

    30. The Plant

    A chill-ass magazine about plants.

    31. The Happy Reader

    An newish entertainment magazine with a focus on typography.

    32. Popeye

    The best and most approachable of Japan's killer men's magazine ecosystem.

    33. The Gourmand

    A classy fucking food journal.

    34. Dazed & Confused

    Possibly the premier popular arts mag of our era, known for equally stellar print and digital content.

    35. Another Man

    The brother publication of AnOther mag. Both are worth your money.