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    19 Pictures Of Bears That Will Make You Say "Me"


    1. When you remember everything that happened in 2016.

    2. When your crush walks by but doesn't notice you.

    3. When you see all yours friends on Snapchat having fun without you.

    4. When you're hungover but have to go to work.

    5. When everyone wants to split the check but you only ordered water.

    6. When you're trying to remember where you parked the damn car.

    7. When you're trying be sexy but it ends up just being awkward.

    8. When your friends want you to come out but the weather is trash.

    9. When your friend snaps a pic of you mid-bite.

    10. When he goes for the kiss but you're not having it.

    11. When you perfectly catch a bite-sized snack in your mouth.

    12. When someone walks in on you in the bath.

    13. When you're the shortest person at a concert.

    14. When you wake up and see the drunk texts you sent last night.

    15. When your mom catches you and your sibling getting into mischief.

    16. When you need to have a serious talk with bae.

    17. When your roommates aren't home so you can fart as freely as you want.

    18. When someone offers you a third slice of pie.

    19. When you get that "you up?" text.