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27 Pics Of Just Hilariously Drunk People

It's lit.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their drunkest picture. Here are the hangover-inducing results.

1. "After eating half a spiked watermelon, we desired to have a midnight walk on the beach, but I didn’t want to carry my glow stick in my hand."


2. "My sister sent this to me the next day. I have no idea how long I was face down on the ground. What’s funny is this one guy had a crush on me and told my friends how graceful and classy I am…which in turn made me think of this. Cheers!"


3. "Spent my 21st drinking around the world at EPCOT. Ended up leaving the park in a wheelchair."


4. "It was the last Saint Patrick’s Day of my college career at UC Santa Barbara, so I decided to be extra festive and only drink green cocktails. Six Tokyo Teas later…"


5. "Stayed like that for the entire night."


6. "I was told I ate some pizza."


7. "Frat parties and Taco Bell don’t mix."


8. "I found a shoe in the middle of the street and took a selfie with said shoe and a complete stranger. 'Nuff said."


9. "It was my friend’s 21st birthday. She’s the one standing up still somewhat coherent. I’m the one with my face in an ant pile. And yes, I did piss my pants."


10. "My best friend's 21st. I got just as drunk as her and in between taking care of her and her many trips to the bathroom I was eating a taco. Obviously I didn’t finish it."


11. "Halloween. Whipped cream-flavored vodka. Enough said. Horrible night."


12. "Fake moustache, real drunk."


13. "Just your average night out in Hong Kong…"


14. "Clearly, the life of the party."


15. "I think the sign behind me says it all."


16. "My sister’s wedding right before I threw up all over the table?"


17. "I have no idea what I’m trying to say here. All I know is that I have a pita in my mouth and I woke up with this sent to many friends."


18. "Can never let go of the pizza ever."


19. "Paco the piñata kept me company while I passed out in front of the toilet."


20. "My 21st. Decided I wanted to sit despite having a seat at the bar."


21. "I was studying abroad in London…and we ran out of cups. I think that pretty much sums it up."


22. "This was taken with some friends on a wonderful Halloween."


23. "The lights are on but no one's home."


24. "This was about eight years ago. My friends and I decided to pose with the Make Way For Ducklings statues while on our way home from a bar one night. I fell off the Mother Duck. Hilarity ensued."


25. "I was out with new friends at a new job in a new town for my 24th birthday and I don’t know how I ended up here but I am glad it was documented."


26. "This is, like, seven years old. A bunch of us got drunk at my old place, a friend drew on everyone with tattoo markers. My best friend and I climbed on top of my fridge for some reason with inflatable bats and wearing devil horns."


27. "I kissed a squirrel and I liked it."


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