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27 Pics Of Just Hilariously Drunk People

It's lit.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their drunkest picture. Here are the hangover-inducing results.

2. "My sister sent this to me the next day. I have no idea how long I was face down on the ground. What’s funny is this one guy had a crush on me and told my friends how graceful and classy I am…which in turn made me think of this. Cheers!"

24. "This was about eight years ago. My friends and I decided to pose with the Make Way For Ducklings statues while on our way home from a bar one night. I fell off the Mother Duck. Hilarity ensued."

26. "This is, like, seven years old. A bunch of us got drunk at my old place, a friend drew on everyone with tattoo markers. My best friend and I climbed on top of my fridge for some reason with inflatable bats and wearing devil horns."

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