23 Made In America Clothing Brands You Should Know

Quality > quantity.

First thing’s first: Yes, this shit is mostly expensive. But with good reason.

That cost reflects the difference between factory workers who make ~$12 an hour and sweatshop employees who make dollars a day, and in unsafe, poorly regulated conditions for unethically long hours.

The less depressing reason to buy American-made clothes is simple: supporting American manufacturing jobs. Even a small purchase, buying an American made t-shirt, supports Americans workers.

An added bonus of buying U.S. made? If you have a problem with a product you can usually find the company and actually get in touch with someone who can help you.

1. Outlier


What: Technical clothing that works just as well in the office as in the elements.

Made: New York, NY.

2. Oak Street Bootmakers


What: Old-school craftmanship applied to a mix of classic and modern shoes.

Made: Chicago, IL.

3. FairEnds

Giovanni Duca


What: The brand behind your favorite blogger’s favorite hat and a host of other fun accessories.

Made: Los Angeles, CA.

4. Quoddy


What: Rugged but refined footwear, handmade to last.

Made: Perry, ME.

5. Red Wing Heritage


What: Often imitated by cheaper brands, Red Wings have become the go-to boot of hipster everywhere. That’s not to throw shade. They’re popular because they’re tough as shit.

Made: Red Wing, MN.

6. Schott


What: High-quality leather jackets appreciated by fashion bros and old-school bikers alike.

Made: New York, NY.

7. Rogue Territory


What: What started as a custom denim line has expanded into a full collection of tough but stylish clothes.

Made: Los Angeles, CA.

8. Levi’s Vintage Clothing (LVC)


What: Recreations of archival Levi’s models, made how they used to be made, with denim from the famous Cone Mills in North Carolina.

Tip: My favorite model is the 501 1954XX, which is based on the 501 from 1954, the year Levi’s introduced the zipper to its jeans.

9. Tanner Goods



What: Handmade leather belts and accessories worth holding onto (and with a ton of customizable options).

Made: Portland, OR.

10. Topo Designs


What: Stylish and capable packs, apparel and accessories built for the modern outdoors.

Made: Denver, CO.

11. Archival


What: A blog-turned-brand focused on simple, well-made bags, basics and accessories.

Made: Eugene, OR.

12. Baldwin


What: What started as a small denim brand has exploded into a complete, high-end collection of men’s and women’s apparel.

Made: Kansas City, MO.

13. New Balance


What: Not all New Balance shoes are made in America, but a decent variety of styles are available on their website and at national retailers like Nordstrom.

Tip: The best New Balance colorways are the low-key, muted combos that made the brand a favorite of dads.

14. Duluth Pack


What: Legendary outfitters known for their iconic scout pack.

Made: Duluth, MN.

15. Tellason


What: Raw denim specialists committed to quality above all else.

Made: San Francisco, CA.

16. Danner


@dannerboots / Via


What: Tough AF boots favored by workmen, hikers and the military alike.

Made: Portland, OR.

17. Ebbets



What: Killer, faithful recreations of vintage sports jerseys and accessories — plus a variety of collaborative collections.

Made: Seattle, WA.

18. The Hill-Side


What: Award-winning menswear brand by brothers Sandy and Emil Corsillo.

Made: New York, NY.

19. New England Shirt Co.


What: The oldest operating ready-to-wear shirtmaker in America.

Made: Fall River, MA.

20. Battenwear



What: Smartly designed and superbly made clothing for the urban outdoors.

Made: New York, NY.

21. Velva Sheen



What: Tough-ass basics with a decidedly greaser vibe.

Tip: Velva Sheen tees are beloved for their shorter sleeved, James Dean-y fit.

22. Dehen 1920


What: The fashion-forward arm of Dehen Knitting Company, who have been making heavy duty varsity jackets, sweaters and other uniforms for nearly 100 years.

Made: Portland, OR.

23. Unis


What: Minimal fashion brand from designer Eunice Lee known for their near-perfect Gio chinos.

Made: New York, NY.

Of course, this is just a handful of American-made brands. Tell us about your favorite in the comments.

And shouts to A Continuous Lean for maintaining a solid list of American manufacturers.

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