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24 Kids Who Are In Dire Need Of An Exorcism


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1. This possessed niece who's just trying to spread the good word.

2. This little demon who will fit right in at hell's creativity corner.

3. This girl who only ever needs to give one warning.

4. This terrifying hotdog enthusiast.

5. This child who has seen things no one should ever see.

6. This aspiring prophet of doom.

7. This monster who's deadly serious about web security.

8. This girl who's hanging with the wrong crowd.

9. This monster who has no respect for the pure, wondrous beauty of pie.

10. This vengeful zoologist.

11. This kid who won't get invited back to bible study.

12. This tooth fairy's worst nightmare.


13. This girl who sees dead people.

14. This kid who knows how to kill them with kindness.

15. Timmy.

16. This kid who knows revenge is a dish best served warm.

17. This kid whose next letter will be written in words cut from magazines.

18. This kid who knows that sacrifices had to be made.

19. This little demon who smiles while she works.

20. This sociopath with unlimited resources.

21. This duck-hating literary critic.

22. This little goblin who values cheese over family.


23. This obsessed maniac who loves her mom so much she hates her.

24. And finally our new dark overlord.

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