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    Posted on Jan 26, 2017

    I Tried Taco Bell's Terrifying Taco Shell Made Of Chicken

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    Hello, my name is Angelo and I'm a Taco Bell scholar.

    Karen Hobowsky / BuzzFeed

    Today Taco Bell debuted the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

    That's right, the "shell" is made out of chicken. It's filled with lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado ranch sauce.

    Even though I love Taco Bell, I don't usually go for their newer, gimmicky items.

    I generally stick with classics and custom orders (soft taco sub grilled chicken, plus pico). And I'll be real, the idea of this thing grossed me out. CHICKEN SHOULD NOT BE FLAT. But I had to try it. So for lunch I walked over to tha' bell.

    Here's how it looks in the package.

    Angelo Spagnolo / BuzzFeed

    Is the anticipation eating at you?

    And here's how it looked in the flesh.

    Angelo Spagnolo / BuzzFeed

    It comes in one of those little food sleeves you'll be familiar with if you've eaten a Doritos Locos Taco.

    Here's a more aggressive shot of the contents.

    Angelo Spagnolo / BuzzFeed

    It needs some Mild Sauce before I can dig in.

    Karen Hobowsky / BuzzFeed

    First bite, and, yo, this thing is pretty good.

    Karen Hobowsky / BuzzFeed

    I didn't want to look too closely at the chicken. Nugget-type meat freaks me out. But it was crispy, salty, and yummy.

    Halfway through and honestly I am loving this.

    Karen Hobowsky / BuzzFeed
    Karen Hobowsky / BuzzFeed

    At this point I noticed a notable spiciness. I'm not sure if it was the chicken itself or the avocado ranch sauce, but it was a welcome kick. Also, even without the sleeve, the chicken didn't make your hands greasy, which was a concern coming in. It was probably less greasy-feeling than a McDonald's nugget.

    The last bite: delicious.

    Karen Hobowsky / BuzzFeed

    Eating the Naked Chicken Chalupa was basically like eating a southwest chicken salad. Obviously, I had a burrito after this because it wasn't enough food for an actual lunch. I also had cinnamon twists.

    The verdict: Prettyyy, pretty good.

    Angelo Spagnolo / BuzzFeed

    Now, would I eat this thing again? Probably not. Not because it's only available for a limited time, but just because there are so many things at Taco Bell I'd rather eat. But to anyone who likes Taco Bell and isn't offended by processed, unnaturally shaped chicken, I wholly recommend this chalupa.

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