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    Get You A Man Who Can Do Both

    A gentleman and a player.

    Like Drake?

    About a month ago, this tweet — meaning: "find a man who looks good and comfortable dressed up or down" — went viral. So, the good people of The Internet did what they do best, turning the meme into a parody of all sorts of #RelationshipGoals.

    Like this.

    And like this.

    And kinda like this.

    Like Nic.

    And like this. (Whatever is going on here).

    Like this.

    And also this.

    Like Carlton.

    And POTUS, too.

    Like this.

    And like this.

    Like Spade.

    And Sanders.

    Like Guy.

    And The Donald.

    Like Bill.

    But also SpongeBob.

    And Sonic.

    And, really, really, actually like this.