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    The Future Of Farting In Public Has Arrived

    The future of farting is now.

    Since the dawn of man farts have embarrassed our kind.

    And we have looked to fabric for help...even putting dryer sheets in our underwear.

    But now technology has answered our prayers.

    Shreddies is a UK brand that launched with a line of fart-eliminating underwear.

    The (alleged) magic of Shreddies comes from a carbon-infused material called Zorflex which absorbs offensive smells before they reach people in your immediate vicinity.

    They look like normal underwear.

    Because ladies fart, too.

    The brand recently expanded its battle against flatulence with new pajamas and jeans for men and women.

    The denim collection retails for around $155.

    Plus, they make pajamas to fight the sleepy-time farts.

    And now this is our future, basically.

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