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Dudes Are Wearing Crop Tops Again And Honestly That's Dope

Do you.

Something refreshing is becoming more mainstream this summer.

More dudes are embracing wearing crop tops.

And, like, why not?

Because they look good.

You don't have to have a six pack to rock a crop top.

Crop tops can be great on all bodies.

And tbh people are loving it.

Guys in crop tops are sexy. #JudgeMe

living for #MaleCropTops2016 tbh

Like, it's really happening.

It's a movement.

Honestly, it's not like this shit is new.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

Will Smith did it in the early '90s.


Now Jaden is baring the midriff too.

And Kid Cudi has been about it for a while now.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

So get out there and stunt while there's still a little summer left.

@jimmyswanks / Via
  1. What do you think, should guys wear crop tops?

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What do you think, should guys wear crop tops?
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