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    5 Simple Ass Looks To Get You Through The Workweek

    ..and still look good.

    Pants. You probably wear them most days.

    Start with something like these affordable, not skinny, not baggy khakis from Uniqlo ($40).

    Tip: Spend $10 and get them hemmed to the proper length (so they hit at the middle of your ankle bone). Or if you DGAF (and your workplace is laid back), just cut them with scissors.

    It's Monday. Everyone is tired. Keep it simple.

    Champion reverse-weave crewneck sweatshirt, $54.

    Calvin Klein denim trucker jacket, $99 (or better yet, find one at a thrift shop).

    New Balance ML999MU sneakers, $84.

    Timex Expedition Scout watch, $40.

    It's Tuesday. Step up the effort slightly by putting on a real shirt.

    Uniqlo Oxford Slim Fit shirt, $30.

    Topman Corduroy Harrington Jacket, $95.

    Bass Ethan penny loafer, $80.

    J.Crew Heart pattern socks, $9.

    Tip: If you're wearing loafers, people will see your socks, so it's worth thinking about the color and pattern. Or if it's warm, forget the socks.

    It's Wednesday. Nobody expects anything of you on hump-day, which is precisely why you should take the opportunity to stunt on everyone.

    Kamakura Tokyo Slim Fit cutaway collar shirt, $79.

    H&M linen-blend blazer, $80.

    1901 Lewiston wingtip, $100.

    The Tie Bar silk knit tie, $25.

    Tip: Check out our Basic Ass Guide to Men's Shirt Collars.

    Thursday is basically the beginning of the weekend. It's okay to start your descent into chilldom.

    Gap clean chambray, $60.

    J.Crew slim cotton-cashmere crewneck sweater, $65.

    Vans Authentic sneakers, $45.

    FairEnds flannel camp cap, $30.

    Tip: Wear the chambray over the sweater rather than under for a look that's more workwear than prep.

    It's Friday. You're focused on what you're doing after work rather than work itself. Dress the part.

    Braindead war energy tee, $45.

    Starter x UO athletic bomber jacket, $89.

    UO vegan leather flask, $18.

    Tip: The older you get, the smaller the graphics on your tee should be.

    Now it's the weekend. Do whatever you do.