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    Don't Be Alarmed But Wombats Can Run 25 Mph (and 9 Other Wombat Facts You Won't Know Unless You Happen To Be An Actual Wombat Expert)

    And I raaaannnnnnn.

    Look at this cute 'lil guy.

    Waddle, waddle, waddle.

    Don't mind me, just eating some grass!

    Well I don't want to alarm you, really, but did you know these babies can run 25 mph!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

    Seriously, look at it go!

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    Wild, right? Now you're probably thinking "What else don't I know about wombats?" Wellllllllllll:

    1. You will only find wombats in Australia. So, sorry, everybody else.

    2. Wombats live in elaborate burrow systems.

    3. In fact, wombats are the largest burrowing mammal on Earth.

    4. A group of wombats is called a mob or a colony.

    5. Okay but how about this fact: wombats are marsupials (but that's not the really interesting part) and they have their pouches in the back!

    6. But, perhaps most importantly, wombats poops are shaped like cubes. They have flat sides.

    That's crazy!

    7. It takes a wombat two weeks to fully digest its food.

    8. Wombats are nocturnal, and are actually rarely seen, which is weird since all these photos show them out and about during the day.

    Here's a picture of my coworker Elaina with a real live wombat.

    9. Wombats are herbivores. They mostly eat grass but sometimes eat roots, shrubs and bark.

    That's all folks!