37 Of The Best Street Cats Of 2015 And Also A Few From 2014

    Out here in these streets.

    1. Hello there kitty.

    2. Feeling a little shy?

    3. Somebody's got some cool stripeys.

    4. Shake it all off, T. Swift style.

    5. "Dis my tough face. You like?"

    6. "Who got the cat nip?"

    7. Footloose and fancy freeeeeeee.

    8. "R u taking my photo? WHY."

    9. "I will shoot you with my lasers."

    10. "We love big cans."

    11. "Don't spoil my perfect symmetry."

    12. "Not interested. Sorrrrrry."

    13. "Sorry, there's something really important happening over there."

    14. "This ledge is my ledge."

    15. "Give me a minute. Trying to find my light."

    16. "Meow? Who even says that anymore."

    17. "R u checking out my butt?"

    18. "There's pep in my steps."

    19. "Bad day, everyone's fault."

    20. "U found my hiding spot. Go away."

    21. "I'm pretty on the inside."

    22. "How did you get here?"

    23. "I am the keeper of the vacuum."

    24. "Cool, I'm the keeper of the traffic cone."

    25. "Good, cos this is my chair. Don't mess with it."

    26. "Do not stare directly into my orbzzzzzz."

    27. "What even are feet?"

    28. "Are you in a prison of your own making or am I?"

    29. Keep watch on the North Star.

    30. "This feels good, never stop."

    31. "Got to use the ATM, be one sec."

    32. "I am a majestic beast."

    33. Protector of this realm, prince in another.

    34. "Touch me too harshly and I crumble."

    35. "Nope, not for you."

    36. "This is my kingdom."

    37. "This is my home."