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16 Things Dudes Need To Stop Wearing In 2016

I'm only yelling because I care.

1. Slouchy and/or reservoir-tip beanies.

2. Thin, wispy scarves.

3. Pants tucked into your fucking boots.

Unless there is 6-plus inches of snow on the ground, there's absolutely no reason to do this except to look like an affected twat. Listen to people who know.

Why don't you just: Not tuck your pants into your boots?

4. Fucking jogger pants.

5. "Crutched" fucking jeans.

6. Pants cropped up on your fucking calf, fuck.

7. Shoes without socks in winter.

8. Low-rise jeans.

9. A Mad Men costume, basically.

10. Boat shoes in place of loafers.

They're not the same thing, and they can't be worn in the same way.

Why don't you just: Get some actual loafers and save the boat shoes for your actual boat.

11. Skintight jeans.

12. Fucking suit vests without a jacket.

13. Newsboy caps.

...or otherwise dressing like a Mumford & Son.

14. Loose ties.

15. Graphic tees with "clever" or "ironic" shit on them.

16. Shoes that look like this:

...or this.