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    29 Back-To-School Outfits That Are Basically Time Capsules

    "TBH I would wear this same outfit now."

    We asked a bunch of BuzzFeed employees to show us their most hilariously retro first day of school outfits, and the results were a serious trip down memory lane.

    1. This fit fresh from the mall.

    2. This time capsule of an outfit.

    3. This custom look.

    4. This Packers fanatic.

    5. This look that may or may not have been inspired by Fall Out Boy.

    6. This middle school staple.

    7. This look that was so good it needed to be preserved as a GIF.

    8. This double-denim ensemble.

    9. This happy camper.

    10. This look that would make Big Bird proud.

    11. This go-going back to school outfit.

    12. This pair that could be straight out of Stranger Things.

    13. This laid back lewk.

    14. This grimace.

    15. This ode to plaid.

    16. These decidedly '90s overalls and pigtails.

    17. This skeptical gaze.

    18. This hygienic helper.

    19. This standout student.

    20. This super chill ensemble.

    21. The formal first day.

    22. These on-point accessories.

    23. This sophisticated outfit.

    24. This look that's finger lickin' good.

    25. This colorful getup.

    26. This toothless grin.

    27. These tube socks and sneakers.

    28. This cheery customer.

    29. This...