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Will You Survive The Dystopian Desert World Of The Near Future?

What will you do when SHTF (shit hits the fan)?

  1. Do you have basic survival skills?

    Facebook: RealBearGrylls
  2. Like, can you start a fire?

    Twentieth Century Fox
  3. Were you a scout?

    RossHelen / Getty
  4. Have you at least been camping?
  5. Do you have camping gear?

  6. Do you have a "bug out bag"?
  7. You should have enough food and water in your bug out bag for:

  8. Okay, but do you have a "get home bag" ?

  9. What type of vehicle do you have access to?

    Warner Bros. Pictures
  10. Do you have basic first aid skills?

  11. Do you own physical maps, y'know, for when the internet goes away?

  12. Do you, like, know how to read a physical map?

    hobo_018 / Getty
  13. Do you know how to operate a ham radio?

    gsagi / Getty
  14. Do you have emergency camp sites planned out for when shit hits the fan?
  15. Does your emergency site have a water source?

  16. Have you ever hunted small game?

    The Learning Company
  17. Have you ever hunted / dressed large game?

    Play Mechanix
  18. You're trying to keep your bug out bag under 25 lbs. Which of these items can you sacrifice?

  19. You got a gas mask?

    Pakphoto / Getty
  20. Would you drink your own pee?

  21. Do you know how to fish?

    monkeybusinessimages / Getty
  22. Do you know how to grow your own food?

  23. Do you at least have a good pair of boots?

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