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Posted on Apr 12, 2017

Can You Get A 5 On This AP English Exam?

Is that a simile or metaphor?

  1. Which rhetorical device is defined below?
    "An indirect reference to famous events or characters from history, literature, or mythology"

  2. Which best describes the rhetorical device "apostrophe"?

  3. Which best describes the poetic form "Ode"?

  4. Which definition corresponds to the term "moribund"?

  5. Which best describes the phrase "pulp fiction"?

  6. Which narrative technique is described below?

    "A scene that interrupts present action to depict earlier event"

  7. Which term is defined below?

    "From the Greek for 'reckoning together,' a deductive system of formal logic that presents two premises that inevitably lead to a sound conclusion."

  8. Which best defines the term "non sequitur"?

  9. Which oft-referenced  
    biblical figure does this sentence describe?

    "The wife of Ahab (a king of Israel), notorious for her evil and vicious actions."

  10. Which literary device is described below?

    "Repetition of a vowel sound within two or more words in close proximity"

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