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    18 Times Pokémon Perfectly Summed Up Your Social Life

    Even Pikachu needs to get wild once in awhile.

    1. When nobody's around to make fun of your personal fruity drink party.

    2. When you've reached the adequate BAC to unleash your dance moves.

    3. When you've exceeded the BAC required to perform "the worm."

    4. When you hit the vape too hard and literally become the floor.

    5. When the edible you ate "isn't working" but 20 minutes later you're only able to communicate via mime.

    6. When you find your soulmate at a party and keep standing near them but never actually make eye contact.

    7. When you're "on a diet" but then you smoke.

    8. When you've reached the adequate BAC to karaoke like it's the Voice finale.

    9. When you and bae both walk into the party looking fresh.

    10. When your immature friends don't understand classy party etiquette.

    11. When you're "trying not to smoke" but then you get peer pressured by Butterfree.

    12. When you have a whole bottle of Champagne to yourself...

    13. ...and the next day you can't find your phone...

    14. ...and your friends are no help at all.

    15. When you were gonna go out but pre-gamed too hard...

    16. ...and then you wake up in bed with your best friend...

    17. ...and a hangover that makes you swear you'll never drink again...

    18. ...but then the homies text you that the function is lit so you gotta come through for the squad.