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    Everything You Need To Decode Drake's New Meek Mill Diss Track

    This weekend Drake shot back at Meek Mill with the diss track "Charged Up". Here's what it's all about.

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    On the flow sounding familiar, Drake is reaffirming that he is the originator of a certain rhythm of rapping, which he has been criticized for adapting from others. Alleged Drake ghostwriter Quentin Miller posted a heartfelt denial on his Tumblr, offering nothing but praise for the artist.

    "Jimmy" was the character Drake (aka Aubrey Graham) played on Degrassi. This fact is probably the most frequent insult hurled by Drake critics. The rapper makes fun of himself here, noting his $19 million deal with Apple as the reason he doesn't worry about haters. Can't really argue with that kind of money, can you?

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    Here Drake is insinuating the features he did with Meek Mill (on the songs "Amen" and "R.I.C.O.") were favors. Generally, rappers are paid varying amounts when they provide a guest verse on another artist's song.

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    The reference here is clear: Drake is commenting on how Meek Mill's girlfriend (and frequent Drake collaborator,) Nicki Minaj, is a better rapper and a much bigger star than Meek himself. It is unclear how the current beef has affected Drake and Nicki's relationship.

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    Drake again has the upper hand here: his most recent album If You're Reading This it's Too Late was certified gold after just five days, while Meek Mill's first album Dreams and Nightmares took more than three years to reach that mark.

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    Drake's Thank Me Later released in 2010, a time when Meek Mill was still relatively unknown to a mass audience. The lyric serves to show Drake as an established hit-maker with few peers. The "Stanky Leg" was a short-lived dance trend around the same time, but the connection between the dance and Meek Mill is unclear.

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    Drake is non-committal in this reference to rumors that he slept with Nicki Minaj, but the kicker of the line is that the rumors Meek Mill (and Funk Master Flex) have been launching at Drake haven't benefitted Meek and co.

    The fact that "Charged Up" is the third result in a YouTube search for Meek Mill seems to hint that Drake is currently winning the battle of public opinion.

    Drake and Nicki has worked together several times, including this steamy scene in her video for "Anaconda," but the future of their professional relationship is unclear in the wake of the beef.

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    This verse has angered some, given that both Drake and Meek Mill have been vocal in their support of victims of state-sponsored murder.

    After the release of "Charged Up" Meek Mill responded with two tweets:

    Baby lotion soft...... ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    I can tell he wrote that 1 tho......

    And now the Internet waits for Meek's response.

    After the release of "Charged Up," outspoken Meek Mill supporter and Hot97 personality Funkmaster Flex posted a since-deleted Instagram claiming that a new Meek Mill track, assumed to be a response to Drake, would drop Monday night at 7PM. The time came and went, with hip-hop heads on Twitter disappointed, making jokes about the failings of Flex, Hot97 and Meek Mill.

    You right. RT @RealLifeKaz: Crazy that Drake, the dude we clowned for years for being soft, kept it the most hip-hop this week