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    39 Reasons Small Towns Are Actually The Best Places To Grow Up

    Home, home on the range.

    1. You've been to at least one party in a barn.

    2. You've been bitten by a goat at a party in a barn.

    3. You've been stuck behind a tractor on the way to school.

    4. You know more cows than people.

    5. You had to be friends with the only two kids who lived within a mile of you.

    6. The town's first stoplight was cause for a celebration.

    7. And then everyone got smug and started talking shit about towns with no stoplight.

    8. Catching crawdads in a creek seems totally normal.

    9. And basically anything to do with creeks sounds like a good time.

    10. You've had to drive "into town" to get to the nearest fast food chain.

    11. And when the town finally got its first fast food restaurant everybody freaked out.

    12. But fries at the one local diner was still the perfect Friday night out.

    13. FFA was the biggest club at school.

    14. And every year someone brought their horse for show and tell.

    15. Nothing sounds better in summer than heading out to one of the dozen or so local swimmin' holes...

    16. ...where you can observe a range of high quality tattoos.

    17. You know someone or several someones who got married in high school.

    18. Your town has to combine with another to get enough people to form a sports team.

    19. The "BIG GAME" is actually, like, a big game.

    20. And you've definitely talked shit about someone at a sporting event only to find their parents were right behind you.

    21. Walking the tracks is a legitimate way to get to a friend's house.

    22. And chewing tobacco is basically a requirement of masculinity.

    23. You've made out in the woods...

    24. ...or under the bleechers...

    25. ...or in the back of a pickup.

    26. Naming certain rocks, trees or other notable geological formations as a party spot seems totally normal.

    27. But still nothing beats a bonfire.

    28. Going on your "21 Run" means going to the one bar everybody goes to.

    29. And then awkwardly drinking with your elementary school teachers.

    30. Four-wheelers and ATVs are an acceptable means of commuting.

    31. And driving around in a pickup is a valid form of recreation.

    32. You know all the cops and all the cops know you.

    33. Going to the mall is considered a certifiable roadtrip.

    34. You've listened to everybody bitch about how "nothing ever changes."

    35. And also bitch about all the new development that's ruining everything.

    36. When you visit home and people bring up embarrassing shit from 5th grade.

    37. Then you run into at least 18 people you know at the supermarket.

    38. And have an awkward conversation with the former classmate who now works at said grocery store.

    39. But you realize that even though you'd never, ever move back, it really was a pretty nice place to grow up.