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    21 Penises That Won't Get Your Mouth Pregnant

    No, you're the perv.

    1. The best kinds.

    2. The simple hot dog.

    3. A warm, golden corndog.

    4. Kielbasa.

    5. Basically any type of sausage.

    6. This hilarious ham.

    7. A banana, obviously.

    8. A classic, nubby cucumber.

    9. And his cousin, the pickle.

    10. A lightly-dented zucchini.

    11. Various squash.

    12. Gourds, namely the swan gourd.

    13. An eggplant.

    14. A tangy ginger root.

    15. This circumcised carrot.

    16. These unsettling peppers.

    17. This sad cashew.

    18. A warm, crusty baguette.

    19. NSFW: A Geoduck.

    20. Really though just look at the geoduck.

    21. Cool down with a variety of popsicles.

    22. And for dessert: Fudgsicle.