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15 Vines Explaining What It's Like To Date Me

10 out of 10 ex-girlfriends agree.

1. I'm active in my community.

2. I am up on the hot new beverages.

3. I take my hydration seriously.

4. I'm always down to "go for a drink."


5. I keep it extra saucy.

6. I'm a bit of a night owl.

7. I appreciate interior design.

8. I'm also a part-time rapper.

9. I don't check the price, all I do is swipe!

10. But I also know how to stretch a budget.

11. I pull out all the stops for Christmas dinner.

12. But I'm not really into kids.

13. I have impeccable manners.

14. I'm a sucker for promotions.

15. I am not afraid to take risks...

...on new sauces.

And you'll always know the answer to life's most important question:

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