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10 Truths About Being A Writer

Because we can't all be Stephen King.

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1. You'll get discouraged from time to time.

2. The pay can be extraordinarily low.

"Wait, isn't PayPal's fee more than what I'm getting paid?"

3. Sometimes you seek, umm, inspiration from a bottle.

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"All great authors were alcoholics, right? Right!?" *Shamefully sips from bottle of gin*

4. Or motivation from a carafe.


"Maybe 50 grams of sugar and 150 mg of caffeine is the kick in the ass I need."

5. When you read the comments on a piece you posted online, you just gotta say...


"Excuse me, sir, but your commenting privileges should be revoked after three glaring grammatical errors."

6. If you're out of work, finding it can be difficult.


"I'm, ah, working on a novel right now."

7. When you're in the zone, you're like...


"I'm basically Hemingway."

8. But when you come back to it later, you're like...


"I'm basically screwed."

9. When you tell people, 'I'm a writer,' their responses can be, well, less than comforting.


"My parents' basement is better than a van down by the river though, right?"

10. But you don't give up because nothing's more satisfying than people appreciating your work.


Bylines = crack.

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