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    • angelknightj

      Mens clothes are CUT more modestly!! Women’s clothing is cut to SEXUALIZED her!! Look at the comparison for athletic/workout shorts. I haven’t seen a pair of mens shorts cut above the knee since the 70’s NBA! Why? Because mens shorts are made for comfort and performance. They are made so they can move around in them. But women’s shorts are cut to show off their ass. Sometimes with ‘cute’ designs like a pic of a couple of cherries on the butt or even words like ‘Juicy’ and ‘Hot’ across the butt?? And are made tight enough to see the outline of everything they have. We’ve even shamed women over things like fucking PANTYLINES!! And BRA STRAPS!! Come on.

    • angelknightj

      Here’s the problem I have with the school. My children’s school has a handbook and in it are a few guidelines and rules about appropriate dressing. Really nothing problematic towards either sex. The problem is when teachers/principals operate off an “in my opinion” system. For example, ‘In my opinion, your clothing (that by the handbooks own guidelines, is breaking no rules) is too suggestive.’ ‘The skull on your Metallica t-shirt is offensive. In my opinion.’ You can’t do that. Everyone’s opinion of what is suggestive/offensive/provocative is different. If you are going to have a dress code, you need to adhere strictly to what the guidelines are and not appropriate out based on what sex you are.
      I’ll give you another, personal example. My daughter, who was 13 at the time and was going through that awkward gangly phase, wore a pair of shorts to school the first week back. Now, before she wore them to school, we made sure they were within the guidelines set forth by her school district. So, I was shocked to receive a call from the school the next day saying I needed to bring her some different clothes because they were inappropriate. I asked how could that be, we measured them twice? They weren’t tight, they didn’t have offensive logos on them. What was the problem? She then told me that yes, they were plenty long enough but because her legs were so long, the shorts APPEARED shorter than they were and that they had had a couple of older boys say something out of the way to her (small school, jr high and high are in the same building). My argument then became ‘Do you have those boys in the office?’ ‘No, ma’am.’ ‘Have you called their parents?’ ‘No, ma’am.’ ‘And why haven’t you called THEM?’ And I kid you not, this was her response, ‘Because they are just being boys.’ I nearly dropped the phone. ‘Ok, let me make myself clear. Your problem should be with the boys who think its ok to talk like that to a young girl. Your problem is that your personal opinion means nothing, your problem is that you have made my kid feel like there is something shameful about her body. ‘Oh Lydia, I know your body is going through changes right now and you are having natural body image issues, but you must run and change clothes and hide yourself, even though you are dressed appropriately, because some boys who are ‘just being boys’ and ‘can’t help themselves!’ And THAT is the problem. If the dress code was enforced with no personal involvement, it might be ok.

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