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    19 Red Carpet Photos That Perfectly Display How Crazy The Early 2000s Were

    Early 2000s fashion was mostly iconic, but sometimes bizarre.

    Fashion in the early 2000s is arguably one of the most eclectic times in style history.

    Those who are old enough to remember or participate in the trends that emerged in the early 2000s can recall how outrageous some of them were. While some of us may have lived for the dress-over-jeans look back in the mid-2000s, many would cringe at the thought of wearing that type of outfit nowadays.

    Albeit there were many Y2K-era fashion hits, there were also many fashion faux pas that derived from the early 2000s. The few opening years for the new millennium were somewhat of a perplexing time, and these 19 celebrity red carpet photos summarize just how bewildering some of the 2000s fashion looks were.

    1. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

    2. Sisqó

    3. Pink

    4. Ashley Tisdale

    5. Ashley Tisdale

    6. Christina Aguilera

    7. Paris Hilton

    8. Rihanna

    9. Pamela Anderson

    10. NSYNC

    11. Jennifer Lopez

    12. Lil Kim

    13. Destiny's Child (when they were D3)

    14. Mischa Barton

    15. Avril Lavigne & Kelly Osbourne

    16. Hilary Duff

    17. Gwen Stefani (during her Harajuku era)

    18. Eve

    19. Nicole Kidman

    What other celebrity red carpet looks showcase how wild the 2000s was?