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20 Lessons That The Television Series "Girlfriends" Has Taught Me

Girlfriends will teach you a lot about life.

The television show Girlfriends is a groundbreaking series that contained a nuanced and diverse representation of Black women.

"Girlfriends" promo photo

Joan Carol Clayton

1. Once you’re dubbed as the “maternal friend," you will always be expected to be one.

2. Don’t force romantic relationships.

3. Don’t be afraid to be alone.

4. Don’t obsess over getting married by a certain age.

5. Don’t let toxic friends back in your life.

Antoinette (Toni) Marie Childs

6. Pampering yourself should be a lifestyle.

7. Always be confident.

Toni (Jill Marie Jones) saying "could you move along? you're blocking everyone's view of me."

8. Make sure you have an emergency savings fund.

9. Heal your childhood trauma.

10. Always believe in yourself.

Maya Wilkes

11. Don’t be scared to keep it real.

Maya (Golden Brooks)

12. Follow your dreams.

Maya (Golden Brooks) at her book signing.

13. Be perseverant.

Maya saying "that's classist and egregious."

14. Don’t be too judgmental.

15. Be authentically yourself. Always.

Lynn Ann Searcy

16. Have some life goals.

17. Don’t make excuses.

18. Stay focused.

19. Being excessively dependent on your friends lessens their respect for you.

Lynn (Persia White) lays in bed.

20. Having a slew of college degrees and post-grad degrees is a waste of money unless you utilize them.

Lynn (Persia White) explains Maya's (Golden Brooks) message to Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross).

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