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    Here Are 20 Heartthrobs Of The Late 90's And 2000s That Literally Every Millennial And Gen Z Girl Were In Love With During Their Childhood

    The way that these 20 mainstream culture sensations had us all wanting to marry them back then is unbelievable.

    Think back to your childhood and recall your celebrity crushes. I'm sure that one of the 20 men on this list had you in a chokehold when you were coming of age in the 1990s and 2000s.

    While many have outgrown their celebrity idolization phase, there are some men on this list that still have a special place in the hearts of those of us who are either a millennial or Gen Z.

    1. Omarion

    2. Bow Wow

    3. Chris Brown

    4. Channing Tatum

    5. Mario

    6. Chad Michael Murray

    7. Lil' Fizz

    8. Usher

    9. Paul Walker

    10. J Boog

    11. Robert Pattinson (When He Was Edward Cullen Specifically)

    12. Taylor Lautner (Specifically as Jacob Black)

    13. Justin Bieber

    14. Nick Jonas

    15. Allen Iverson

    16. Nick Cannon

    17. Chingy


    18. Marques Houston

    Marques Houston

    19. Nelly

    20. Orlando Bloom

    Who would you add to the list?