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    These 19 Television Shows Don't Exist, But They Should

    We need this.

    After mulling over what's missing on television, I ideated a list of 19 shows that I would tune in every week to watch on TV if they existed. Today's television programming is decent, but it could use a little pizazz.

    A scene from "Ted"

    1. The Real Housewives of Hip-Hop

    2. Flavor of Love All-Stars: Another Chance at Love with Flavor Flav

    3. Social Media Famous

    4. Big El’ Takes New York

    5. Catching Karen

    6. Celebrity Moms


    7. That 2000’s Show

    A logo

    8. America’s Next Top Influencer

    An influencer photo

    9. Bachelorette Parties

    10. Iced Coffee Wars

    11. Sorority Sista's

    12. Degrassi: The Next Generation Revival

    "Degrassi: The Next Generation"

    13. Exposing the Real in Reality TV

    14. Never Have I Ever Told This Story

    Kanye West

    15. Celebrity Kids Do Odd Jobs

    16. Clubbin' Around the World

    17. Hinge Hookups

    18. Life Swap

    19. Posers

    What are some TV shows you would love to see come to fruition? Let me know in the comments section below!