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    "Bye Wig!": These Are The 19 Shadiest Reads In "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" History

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta isn't just a reality show, it's a 101 course in shade throwing and reading for filth.

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a record-breaking reality series that is the soul of Bravo's entire Real Housewives franchise.

    RHOA cast

    1. Kenya Moore — "You need to stop wearing hair from Toys 'R' Us."

    Kenya Moore

    2. Claudia Jordan — "When you were my age, you had edges."

    Claudia Jordan

    3. Nene Leakes — "Close your legs to married men."

    4. Sheree Whitfield — "Rich? I think you need to get your motherf***kin' teeth fixed, how about that?."

    5. Phaedra Parks — "Her booty is more lumpy than a bad batch of gravy."

    6. Porsche Williams — "Google you? From when? It's not even in the search engine, you're so old."

    7. Nene Leakes — "You're trying to be important in this situation, and you're not that important."

    8. Nene Leakes — "BYE WIG."

    9. Marlo Hampton — "The next time you talk about the hole between my legs, measure yours."

    Marlo Hampton

    10. Kenya Moore — "The conversation was over after I read you."

    11. Phaedra Parks — "She's a beauty queen on bath salts."


    12. Nene Leakes — "While you were running yo' mouth with him, I was running to the bank, sweetie."


    13. Nene Leakes — "That's a dirty, low-down monkey with a wig on."


    14. Kenya Moore — "Fix your double chin next time you go to the plastic surgeon."

    Kenya Moore

    15. Kandi Burrus — "Raise your hand if you have a Grammy."


    16. Kenya Moore — "She was so far up her ass she had her own wing."

    17. Sheree Whitfield — "You know this whole house is the same size of my master suite."


    18. Sheree Whitfield — "Wasn't your first car repoed? Out of the parking lot of Home Depot."

    19. Phaedra Parks — "You can't be a housewife because you can't get a husband."

    Phaedra Parks