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Updated on Nov 30, 2019. Posted on Nov 30, 2019

This Quiz Will Determine Which Combo Of A YouTuber And Disney Channel Star You Are

Hi and welcome back to my channel...Disney Channel!

Hey everyone, it's time to find out which YouTuber and Disney Star you're actually most like!


You three would be best friends, I know it. It's a science, y'all.

To do this, you're going to create your own ~hypothetical~ YouTube channel! If being a YouTuber isn't totally your thing, don't worry! Just answer with the kind of videos you enjoy watching instead. Are you ready?

  1. What kind of videos do you make?

  2. Where are you filming?

  3. How often do you upload?

  4. What's your video intro?

  5. Pick a city to film in.

  6. Mukbang time! Pick some food to snack on.

  7. Which YouTuber will be joining you?

  8. And which Disney star?

  9. Finally, pick some merch to drop.

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