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    Just 18 Really Great Things That'll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    My's melting!

    1. This cookie someone made for their blind friend that says "heart" in braille.

    /u/AnActualCrow / Via

    2. The lines of people at this "giving machine," which allows you to buy items for others in need:

    /u/Blue__Kiwi / Via

    3. This restaurant that gave a customer a compliment AND a discount because they had a really cool shirt:

    /u/thejamietaylor / Via

    4. This pup parent who cut holes in the fence for their doggo to see and greet pedestrians from:

    /u/AhhHue / Via

    5. This funny little mussel someone found and shared just to make you crack a smile:

    /u/blimblamklorblok / Via

    6. This person who made a community shelf in their driveway for people to take whatever they need for free:

    /u/hungry_buddha / Via

    7. This bus in Finland with a button to thank your driver for getting you to your destination safely on your way out:

    /u/_Goat_Juice_ / Via

    8. This boyfriend who put himself on "yarn duty," untangling and feeding the yarn to his girlfriend while she knitted:

    /u/Missburr / Via

    9. These dogs that are so grateful for the three-story fort their kind owners made for them to play in:

    /u/zombiemaster823 / Via

    10. This dog blanket that includes a pup in a wheelchair as part of the pattern:

    /u/Mecha_Osprey / Via

    12. This crew of knitters that took it upon themselves to make their town festive by making "post cozies:"

    /u/peatoire / Via

    13. This human who really delivered when her friend told her that a bathtub full of Reese's would cheer them up after their father's death:

    /u/t21sb / Via

    14. This dog house entrance someone made for their dog because pups are part of the family, too:

    /u/Les-Grossman / Via

    15. This restaurant whose pizza boxes will turn any casual date into a black tie event:

    /u/pwenski / Via

    16. This Etsy seller that wrote a sweet note to her first ever customer:

    /u/TaylorKun / Via

    18. And finally, this town that shut down the street during a heavy snow and made it into a snow tubing park instead:

    /u/hey-you-guyz / Via

    Have a great day!


    h/t r/mildlyinteresting, r/wholesome, and r/MadeMeSmile