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    Updated on Oct 26, 2019. Posted on Oct 25, 2019

    24 Wholesome Animal TikToks Guaranteed To Turn That Frown Upside Down

    What did we do to deserve them, honestly?

    1. This veggie lovin' dog:

    2. This purr-culiar kitten:

    3. These best buds:

    4. This cool kid:

    5. This ultimate cat toy:

    6. This adorable surprise:

    7. These cozy bois:

    8. This festive cat:

    9. This little guy that needs some attention:

    10. This ~vicious~ pitbull:

    11. This adorable mailman:

    12. This country cat:

    13. This unusual doggo:

    14. This Oscar-nominated pupper:

    15. This doggo with a very important message:

    16. This happy hedgehog:

    17. This kooky cat:

    18. This incredible rendition of The Lion King:

    19. These cuddle buddies:

    20. This adorable family:

    21. This confused cat:

    22. This good boi:

    23. This music-loving kitty:

    24. And finally, these rule-breakers:

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