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    24 Wholesome Animal TikToks Guaranteed To Turn That Frown Upside Down

    What did we do to deserve them, honestly?

    1. This veggie lovin' dog:

    2. This purr-culiar kitten:

    3. These best buds:

    4. This cool kid:

    5. This ultimate cat toy:

    6. This adorable surprise:

    7. These cozy bois:

    8. This festive cat:

    9. This little guy that needs some attention:

    10. This ~vicious~ pitbull:

    11. This adorable mailman:

    12. This country cat:

    13. This unusual doggo:

    14. This Oscar-nominated pupper:

    15. This doggo with a very important message:

    16. This happy hedgehog:

    17. This kooky cat:

    18. This incredible rendition of The Lion King:

    19. These cuddle buddies:

    20. This adorable family:

    21. This confused cat:

    22. This good boi:

    23. This music-loving kitty:

    24. And finally, these rule-breakers: