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    17 Bizarre Things I Feel Like I Was Never, Ever Supposed To See

    "Tell me something that feels illegal but isn't." Uh, every image in this post.

    1. This McDonald's that feels like it's from another, fancier dimension:

    2. This naked ice cream cone:

    3. These circular dice that are making me feel a little uneasy:

    4. This icicle that looks like it's floating in mid air:

    5. This egg that came with an eggstra egg:

    6. This house that looks like it belongs in a spooky claymation movie, not real life:

    7. These chopsticks that feel like they're from an alternate timeline where the 2020 Olympics did happen:

    8. This all-red apple that would 100% make me do a double take:

    9. This impastably long noodle that has an unnerving energy:

    10. This fence that feels like something straight out of a video game:

    11. These potato peels that look like a glitch in the matrix:

    12. This 2D cafe that looks like it's straight out of the one Spongebob episode with the giant pencil:

    13. This shadow from another tree that makes it look like it's a whole different season in the shadow world:

    14. This cake that came with a surprise egg:

    15. This peanut butterless cup that is a disgrace to candy everywhere:

    16. This Lego circle that defies all the laws of legos:

    17. And finally, this otherwise average store with a very casual and unexciting view of an ancient well right by the toilet paper aisle:

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting