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    Just 14 Posts About How Gosh Dang Perfect Darcy Lewis Is In "WandaVision"

    Official petition to put DOCTOR Darcy Lewis in every MCU project going forward, please!

    This past Friday, Episode 4 of WandaVision came out and gave us the greatest gift of all. That's right, Darcy Lewis is BACK in the MCU, baby!

    Darcy smiling
    Marvel Studios

    Not only is she back, she's a whole DOCTOR, y'all!!

    It's been a hot minute since her appearances in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, but she's still the witty icon we all know and love.

    Truly, there is no more relatable moment in the MCU than Darcy watching back Wanda's ~sitcom episodes~ exactly like we've been doing these past few weeks. Same, girl, same.

    Darcy Lewis is on stan Twitter, confirmed?

    I've gotta say, her no-nonsense attitude and quick thinking are a *chef's kiss* addition to WandaVision.

    It looks like I'm not alone in my excitement, either! Here are some of the best reactions to Darcy's much-deserved return:


    if marvel lays a HAND on darcy lewis or jimmy woo, we’re gonna have to fight

    Twitter: @natsmoonlight


    “what a twist... what? I’m invested” shes literally all of us rn💀💀 #WandaVison #DarcyLewis

    Twitter: @s_marvel_ous





    wandavision episode four spoilers - - - - - darcy changing her major from political science to astrophysics because of her work with jane foster in thor and thor: the dark world and becoming dr. darcy lewis.... i teared up #wandavision #darcylewis

    Twitter: @loventhunders

    Here's a close up of the scene from Thor: The Dark World...

    Marvel Studio / Via Twitter: @loventhunders

    ...and from WandaVision:

    Marvel Studio / Via Twitter: @loventhunders



    Twitter: @natsxbite







    Here's to excitedly awaiting more Darcy in the next few episodes!

    Marvel Studios

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